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City LGU, Colight, Barangays form TATSULOK Program

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

With the aim of eradicating the problem on pilferage, the city government of Cotabato, the Cotabato Light and Power Company, and the Liga ng mga Barangay signed a memorandum of agreement for cooperation.

The name ‘tatsulok’ is coined after three parties, like the three sides of a triangle, joined one another in fighting against illegal tapping of electricity. This has been identified by the Colight as one of the major problems of their concessionaires who are religiously paying their dues to the company.

Each agency has a role to play in this program. The barangay officials will be one to strictly monitor all electrical lines in their areas and report immediately to Colight authorities if they ever identify illegal tappers. Colight will then send its personnel to check the lines, remove the illegally tapped wires, and sanction the violators. Meanwhile, the city government will be the one to conduct constant coordination among all its partner agencies to sustain the program and eventually eliminate pilferage.


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